The best pick me up and Tiramisu

Tiramisu means “pick me up”.  It’s an Italian dessert, fairly recently invented but a classic all over the world already.  It’s ideal hangover food as it contains coffee, eggs and a shot of alcohol!  And the rich mascapone, which is really just condensed cream.  For years I have been making the traditional tiramisu. As a sublime dessert, of course, not for hangovers.  I love how one dish of tiramisu feeds hordes as it’s too rich for seconds.  Well, most people are replete after one serving.  In the interests of matrimonial harmony, no names of those who frequently have seconds, and thirds, will be mentioned on here!  


Last week on the rerun of the SBS Food Safari, individual servings were shown.  I made a healthier version of it yesterday, substituting ricotta cheese for the mascapone and it was DIVINE.   I used 2 eggs, about 4 TBS castor (superfine) sugar, 400g ricotta, about 100 ml espresso coffee, 12 Savioardi biscuits  and I used 15ml of brandy and 15ml of rum instead of liqueur.  Miss N had the last one for breakfast this morning and I do hope she didn’t smell of rum at her first day back at school after the two week break!  .  But – ricotta is good breakfast food.  Protein, and low fat and all that.  So – this isn’t TOO wicked.

And let me leave you with the best pick-me-up of all!


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3 Responses to “The best pick me up and Tiramisu”

  1. jane Says:

    So lovely to hear the ‘real’ pick me up.
    I need to refresh my mind with that song
    as it may be a new one we have added since
    I last sung in the worship team.

    Ricotta is also lovely in a white sauce for lasanga
    etc. Have you ever added it there?
    Good value.

  2. Brian Says:

    Tiramisu is one special/famous italian thing that i don’t love. it’s okay, i will eat it. my wife loves it. but for some reason, i never got excited about it.

  3. Minkydo Says:

    Great blog, Wendy. I finally got a chance to stop by here.

    Love the sentiment in the song you linked 🙂


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