John Robert Dobbs

John Dobbs was much of the inspiration for my starting this blog and he has been such an encouragement. He would not imagine how excited I was to be featured on his Hot Posts! His blogs have blessed, convicted and inspired me over the last 2 years or so and I have shared them with so many friends, both real life and internet. John has been a spiritual mentor and a support for me. I doubt he even realises this as he has an widespread internet ministry that is an amazing blessing to so many people. I have loved getting to know him better on Facebook, Twitter and over the last month or so on his live chats on Ustream at Big Poppa’s Coffeehouse and it’s been a delight to get to know his wife Maggy too on her rare appearances on Ustream. She is a darling. She sent me her white chocolate bread pudding recipe which I will feature on here soon.

Their 18 year old son John Robert was killed yesterday in an accident. More on it here. Al Sturgeon has written about it here. I cannot imagine their pain. John and Maggy are Katrina survivors (and you can read about that here). John’s mom and stepdad are both having treatment for cancer. How much more? Please pray for John and Maggy, that in the depths of their pain and despair that they will find comfort in God’s unceasing love.

Miss N walked in as I was reading my email this morning. She had heard and watched John on Ustream a couple of times over the past few weeks, and chatted briefly there too. She held me while I cried and I kissed her beautiful face and reminded her that God just gives us today and that we need to spend it well, and that there is nothing more important than family and love.

John and Maggy, know that people in Australia are praying for you. Love you both.


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6 Responses to “John Robert Dobbs”

  1. magneto bold too Says:

    Oh that is terrible. I can only imagine their pain. Sending my love across the ocean to them.

  2. Christina Says:

    Oh Wendy, I hate to hear such things. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain of the loss of a child. It just has to be the worst thing that can happen to a parent. My heart goes out to these people and my prayers are with them.

  3. lightening Says:

    Oh no!!!! Oh no!!!! {{{HUGS}}} and prayers for you and them. 😦

  4. J D Says:

    Thank you Wendy.

  5. Charlie & Linda Says:

    Wendy – JD was the inspiration for me to begin blogging as well. We became friends in the 3 weeks we were in Pascagoula doing Katrina relief work in 2006 and the friendship has deepened and grown stronger in the time since through blogging, Berean Spirit and email. I had hoped to see him in March at the Tulsa workshop but life intervened when our trip was delayed due to my mother-in-law’s illness. John was my inspiration to start blogging and is such a terrific communicator of God’s love for us. God alone knows why something so horrible should come to pass but I do have the HOPE above all hopes and conviction that his faith will carry him through and from the dark valley he will continue to reflect God’s love and grace — but for now I cried in Linda’s arms as we shared this news and I cannot imagine the pain that he is feeling — May God grant healing and peace through time and through the tears.

    Wendy – thank you for sharing this — we are half a world apart but we are closely bound by a love for our Father and a sharing of the pain of this our brother.
    God Bless

  6. Tucker Says:

    I loved your remarks and we share the same experiences with our good friend!

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