Quilting Giveaway and eye surgery

I’m an almost-quilter.  I have begun a number of quilts (almost finished a couple) and I need nagging encouraging to finish some.  Meanwhile I drool at the wonderful quilting and fabric arts blogs in cyberworld (food from afar indeed), and accumulate more fabric!

I am sharing this giveaway (thanks to Jane for this!)  And having “outed” myself as a quilter, I am hoping I will be urged into finishing some of my UFOs (which might need explaning to non-crafting people – UnFinished Objects) and posting evidence that I sew, as well as cook.  (Those who knew me as a teenage academic nerd and young “career” woman might be amazed by my middle-aged “domesticity”!)

C  had surgery on Saturday for a detached retina, a complication following cataract surgery which he had in June.  He is at home, and has to keep his face down (either by lying face down or sitting hunched with his face parallel to the floor) till next Monday – 10 days in total.  So far, so good.   He is coping – and healing and has sight in his eye! Praying the retina stays attached!   He has been blessed by his iPod (bought when he heard he had surgery the next day) and as he has been connected to earphones, I have been using MY mp3 player more.  This is a song that blessed me today (Fernando Ortega is one of my favourites) and is aptly titled.  Hope it blesses you too!

Love Wendy


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4 Responses to “Quilting Giveaway and eye surgery”

  1. Moonbeam Says:

    Still praying for healing and coping wrt the eye surgery, Wendy. Love the song! I hadn’t heard it before. Great pictures with it too.

  2. Joel Armstrong Says:

    I love this song Wnedy my sister, I’m ecstatic to learn C’s eyes are getting better. I will be praying for him that his eyesight continues to improve. Sorry it took me soooo long to come to read your blogs. Please forgive me my sista! 🙂

  3. Minkydo Says:

    Praying for C’s recovery and sanity during this time 🙂

    Lovely song!

  4. Naomi in Oz Says:

    I’m sure we must be living parallel existences. I too have a number of UFO’s in my quilting box, so I have been inspired to finish one of them.
    In year 10, my Home Ec teacher told me that I couldn’t cook or sew. Since then, I have cooked in pubs, owned my own cafe and catering business and people pay me to sew for them. 10 years ago, I took out the most points in both the dressmaking and the cooking sections of our local show. What do teachers know?

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