Do I have enough Bibles?

I have

  • a KJV which I was given by my parents when I was confirmed in 1970 (and the font is too small for me to read even with my multi-focals).  The cover is white plastic and is now stained and I have never spent any time reading it.  Not because the cover is white plastic…
  • a NKJV (with a horrid plastic cover – see a theme emerging?  How shallow AM I? ) that I bought when I was doing the Alpha course in 2001 before I knew what to look for in a Bible (and before I had found a congregation/church)
  • a NIV Study Bible which I bought shortly after I joined my Bible Study Group in Feb 2002
  • a paperback ESV NT that lives in my handbag and is pretty dog-eared
  • 3, yes 3, paperback NLT NTs, one which has Psalms and Proverbs too
  • a paperback Amplified NT
  • a KJV NT (used to be my handbag Bible before I bought the ESV)
  • I HAD a NLT One Year Bible.  I took it to Europe in 2006 and left it in the library on the cruise ship
  • a TNIV Bible Experience Bible I bought this year.  It’s the text which accompanies the CD’s which my dear sister gave me as part of my 50th birthday pressie.
  • I also have access to a CEV version MissN owns (, and she has a NIV Backpack Bible I used to borrow if I wanted a portable Bible (but my TNIV fulfills that role now) and she has a school CEV too.

I think that’s all.  I may have missed one.  I would like an ESV but I haven’t found one yet which is the right price/size/font.  I was wanting one as a tote-around Bible but now I have the TNIV Bible Experience, that is my tote-around Bible.  I also have in my cupboard 2 Bibles I have bought for presents and haven’t yet mailed.  One is for my dear sister (hi there, yes I should mail it to you!) and I have had it for over 2 years… It’s gorgeous and girly.

And of course I use bible gateway daily. I have downloaded e-sword but haven’t used it!

This (thanks to the internet monk, Michael Spencer,)

is now on my wish list.

Of course, one only needs one Bible.  The thing is to immerse yourself in it, and not find excuses in the plastic cover or the archaic language or the flimsiness of the paper or the miniscule font.  So many Christians in China, India, Africa… do not a Bible at all.  But I am a bibliophile, and so I am sure I will continue to collect Bibles.  I also would like a Message (oh, I do have a NT paperback Message somewhere…)

Which is YOUR favourite Bible?

Love Wendy, off to to update her wish list…


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18 Responses to “Do I have enough Bibles?”

  1. Nancy Says:

    you asked for a comment my dear wendy.

    I can only sigh. We have in our house. Mine (cheap white niv) Miss K youth good news. Harry has a paperback good news one from grandparents, Zacs is in storage.

    I would love a bible for women.

    Actually you know what I really think. I think bibles are the Christians show off thing/ keeping up with the Jones thing…All K wanted was a bible and case like ‘the other kids at youthgroup’

    And thinking to bible study, most everyone has a ‘special’ looking bible. Maybe I am being critical. I wonder what would happen if Everyone at my church donated the cost difference between the cheapy bibles and their fancy bibles to mission work?
    My parents have lots of beautiful bibles in their bookcase, like show ponies.

    I am being a tad cynical. I love books I can understand your love of bibles.

    I do wonder about the effect on the environment tho…. so much paper.

    anyhow i do read ur blog.. only commenting cause u asked nicely


  2. wjcsydney Says:

    Thanks, sweetie. I know Koorong had a drive recently when they asked for Bibles we have sitting around in our houses. They sent them off to India. Great scheme. I didn’t donate any but should have sent off a couple of mine.

    As you know (and I was sort of mocking myself in the post) I can a bit of an intellectual snob (sometimes more than a bit), and that’s part of my Bible collecting. And I have been guilty of bibilolatry.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. lightening Says:

    I have way too many bibles I know. It is handy to have different translations but you’re right, beyond that, we have a tendency to have too many bibles.

    Having said that though, I just recently bought myself a pink bible with my birthday money. It makes me smile whenever I pull it out. And it’s smaller so easy to cart around. I figure that I could have spent that money on any number of things so why not a bible?

    Is having too many bibles any different to collecting nice ornaments or anything else we spend our money on that isn’t really essential (of course, one bible I would consider essential)?

  4. jonathon Says:

    Carry a laptop with e-Sword on it, you’ll be able to satisfy your longings for more translations of the Bible. (I have 250+ different Bible translations for e-Sword.)

    Alternatively, get a PDA with Pocket e-Sword. Roughly 100 translations, but with BeST 2.0 Premium, you’ll be able to migrate most of the e-Sword Bibles to Pocket e-Sword.


  5. wjcsydney Says:

    Jonathon, I don’t have a laptop or a PDA. But it sounds like I should stop procrastinating and start using e-Sword.

  6. Ozjane Says:

    When your collection starts with your grandfathers and includes those of your parents plus an incredible number collected over the years….and yes they have all been well used……
    My best 3 are Thompson’s chain reference Bibles. Just the best for study bibles.
    My KJV one in its Leather zipper cover over the actual leather cover, given to me by my church when I when to Bible College.
    Then there is the NIV version which I have to confess I ended up ditching because I just hated to read it……..
    so I bought the KNJV and would you believe spilt coffee from my bedside table on it……so it is now the one in use and looks the tackiest……leather cover inside but black denim zip cover with handle.

    What worries me is the avalanche of translations has meant that people do not learn chapter and verse any longer because seldom do we agree on a version. All my memory is in the KJV which is why I cope best with the New KJV,

    Love the message to give freshness, ditto JB Phillips and Amplified and the Living Bible. Those are all add ons to me to add to my understanding of the text but I love to keep as close to the KJV as possible.

    Yes I have quick verse on the computer….
    But it is not the bibles on the shelves that have importance but the amount of the Bible in our hearts that is of significance.

  7. Christina Says:

    Robert would say you need an ASV, but I think they’re hard to find. I don’t know what all I have but it’s a lot. We have The Message, NIV, ASV, RSV, KJV, NKJV, NASB, Jewish New Testament, Holy Bible from the Aramaic, God’s Word, God’s New Covenant New Testament, and, of course, the interlinear Greek-English New Testament. Maybe more that I’m not thinking about or not seeing right now. You cannot GET too many Bibles!



  8. Beverly Says:

    After gyrating around alot, the Bible I carry with me all the time, including when I fly and including when I attend Sunday school and church is a 4 X 6 tan leatherbound ESV. The print IS small, but I can manage it. PLUS, this is not the Bible I study from, so I’m not reading it for long periods. It is great for pulling out in Sunday school classes or during church sermons, and I can read it in public without making an ostentatious show that I’m reading the Bible. I know I get scoffed at by churchers because it seems to be “the thing” to publicly lug around to classes a massive Bible in a zippered case, stuffed with all sorts of bits and pieces of paper and notes etc, indicating how studious one is. That was all too “fussy” for me, but I know people may think that I take the Bible “lightly,” because I don’t tote around one that is obviously worn and tattered and overstuffed and bulging with notes.

    However, at home I have: a paperback ESV with a swirly blue cover (I used this before moving to the one above as it was totable and not too heavy BUT it is bulkier and heavier than the Bible above); a leatherbound black study ESV which has evolved into basically a display bible on my desk; the ESV on CD–great for car trips, and an ESV paperback NT. My most recent purchase was a NASB chain reference–I don’t like the hardback cover, but it was a clearance item as the cover was slightly marred, and I did not have a NASB. I also have several KJV’s in various styles, one a free Gideon one which I have copious notes in, and one inherited from my Grandmother. I also have a NKJ, a Douay, and a NIV study bible which I initially used alot before switching to the ESV. I also have the NT in 26 translations, the Jerusalem Bible, and the New Oxford Annotated Bible (which is the RSV). I also have a Living Bible. Most of these I have just picked up at thrift shops, although the ESV’s and NASB I had to purchase.

    I don’t plan on buying anymore (!) unless it is a 50 cent thriftstore purchase of a version I don’t have.


  9. Beverly Says:

    Oh, I forgot, a Greek New Testament, a Hebrew OT, and an interlinear GK-KJ-NIV NT in English.

  10. Zieg Says:

    Wow, Wendy, I’ve got blackened eyes from the pounding about bibliophilism. LOL

    I have several NIVs and KJVs and a few NASBs and an RSV. I have study Bibles and pew Bibles and some are leather-bound while others are hard-backs or paperbacks. I have about 75 versions or so on my Libronix Scholar’s library and another 35 or more that I access on I have several more NTs in a variety of versions including the 26-translation NT, which is like an amplified Bible on steroids. I usually carry an NIV or NASB to Bible studies or saints’ gatherings, but have been known to refer to my gi-hugic Jerusalem Bible w/ apocryphal books on occasion. I have collected these Bibles in a lifelong quest for the perfect Study Bible and the perfect carry Bible for everyday, adding new ones like the Archeological Study Bible every so often. And no, I have not settled on which is most perfect for me. Recently I got a wide-margin Bible in which to take notes, and perhaps someday I’ll share those notes in a version of my own. Before doing that, though, I hope to learn enough Greek and Hebrew to provide the text in interlinear style, too.


    Why do I collect so many Bibles in various formats and translations? I began my adult life as a communicator of the good news of Jesus, and I have tried to stay current with the various versions used by the people I encounter every day. Somehow folks seem to think that it is the translation that matters most, especially those who don’t know the first thing about translation. LOL

    I have probably got a small forest’s worth of Bibles in hard copy, and have duplicated them and more when it comes to e-Bibles. I have three in the PDA I used to carry, and more on my laptop, but the one in my heart, as someone else noted, is the one that does me the most good.

    So far I am learning that there is much to learn that I would like to know, but the most useful thing I’ve done along the way is to learn to discern my Savior’s voice. Whatever the translation, when you know His voice, the message communicates.

    After all, God didn’t say “Collect all the different versions and hear ye them.” God said, This is my beloved Son; hear ye Him.”

    Love ya!

  11. Beth Says:

    Hi Wendy,

    I only have 3 bibles. One I bought at a Christian workshop in Abilene, Tx. in 1980. It is a kJV and so used and so marked in and so highlighted in different colors (but in a very stylish way, of course…it still has character ). It is the one that has been with me all those times I watched the sun come up because I couldn’t put it down. So it has sentimental value that the others don’t.

    But the one I use the most now is a KJV-NIV with Greek translation also. So I can read the KJV, NIV and Greek all in one setting.

    The other one is called, “The Word in Study” bible and is similiar to the ESV you just showed. It is not as detailed as the ESV but has a lot of good info embedded within each chapter….biblical figure biographies….thought provoking comments…customs and comments on scripture at different points, etc. It is a good study bible for me.

    I think the ESV would be a fantastic study bible for the more mature Christian, but I have my doubts about new converts using one, as with the study bible I have. It seems to me there might be a danger for a new convert to be swayed in their “own” interpretation of scripture. I just think it is very important that we study to show “ourselves” approved in the beginning and form our own thoughts about what God is saying to us and not to be filled with someone else’s interpretation of His Word…but you know me…. my thoughts always seem to go in a different direction than everyone else…lol

    You are doing a great job on this blog!!!! I would love to start one myself but I don’t have a clue where to begin and right now I don’t have the time.

    Take care, sweet girl…
    Love ya, Beth

  12. Brian Says:

    i guess it would be pretty lame to just link to a post i did about my fav bibles, wouldn’t it.

    i preach and teach mostly out of a parallel, NIV and NAS. I have an ESV, pew bible that I like a lot.

    my car Bible is my first NIV I ever owned, so there is some sentimental value.

    I do have a kjv family Bible that belonged to my grandmother, who died before my parents married, and my dad, who died when i was four.

    ESV, NIV, NAS are my fav translations. I have one NIV smaller size with psalms and proverbs that I carry around some

    I also have a british NIV hardbook, that is a great size.

    oh yeah, also for sentimental value, an NIV ugly brown, hardback, pew bible that I took to italy with me for two years. I studied and marked and read that Bible as much as any I own, and for that, it is important to me

    good post, thanks for sharing

  13. Lois Says:

    Hi Wendy! I think you can never have enough bibles!! I have several as well and different translations, I may in the market soon for a larger print bible soon. My reading glasses are about to not be enough! (groan!) I mostly have different translations so I can compare the meaning of some words and the differences in what each one might say. When in doubt which one is right I go back to KJV…I fear some of the translations have changed the meaning of some verses but the KJV is the one I trust most. My worry is that some translations have been added to, or taken away from. I dont look for extravagance or Fancy when I look for a bible. I just want a quality leather cover that will last years of use and concordance/dictionary/ words of Christ in red….and big enough to lay on my lap while I read it!
    Have a a great day!!!

  14. Beverly Says:

    I apologize. I said I had the ESV Study Bible, but I don’t. I have the ESV Reference Bible. The Study bible has yet to be released. Christian Books has it available for pre-ordering, but I think the release date isn’t until October.

  15. Minkydo Says:

    I probably have a dozen or more Bibles in my home that are mine alone. My favorite is my Thompson Chain NIV Bible that I have had for years. It has a leather cover, but I bought a nice zippered case for it that has an eagle on the cover for protection and easy carrying. It has my favorite verse on the front of it. Isaiah 40:31

    “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles…”

    Doesn’t hurt that I am an eagle nut. *lol*

    I would like a Thompson Chain NAV Bible one day, but it’s not a high priority.

  16. Minkydo Says:

    oops… that should be NASV rather than NAV. Sorry!

  17. J D Says:

    I have a lot of Bibles … typically stick with NIV … enjoy the parallel Bibles that have 8 versions each … but … that’s slow going at times. My favorite Bible is my NIV Thompson Chain Reference Bible … given to me by a friend after Katrina took my old one. It never leaves my office.

  18. Naomi in Oz Says:

    I personally own only 1 bible. It is my Good News Version that I bought when I started High School in 1980. It is very well worn, with lots of notes in the margins. Some of the pictures are even coloured in! (A sure sign of a wandering mind during daily Bible Study classes in high school). H9 has several childrens “Bibles” each a little more detailed than the last. I think I will buy her a nice NIV for her 10th birthday later this year.
    On the other hand, I own too many hymn books. (If their is such a thing). I still have my original “tune only” version of the Lutheran Hymnal, (with lots of notes in the margins) from my confirmation in 1981 as well as a more recent version that includes a supplement, plus the supplement on its own, plus the full Music Version. I also have the music versions of all the “All Together” series. My most recent acquisition is the Together in Song Hymnal. I also have a a pile of song books about a foot high on top of my piano – so much music, so little time!

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