Ruby Tuesday #4 – Constanta, Romania and Judgement Day?

Today’s Ruby Tuesday photographs (hosted here) are some I took in Constanta, Romania in 2006 when we were on a cruise that visited Greece, Turkey and the Black Sea.  The local press were there to meet the ship – it was the first time a cruise ship had been to Constanta in years! Constanta was dreary and depressing and we were nearly run over.  This car hit the traffic lights not 2m from where we were standing!

almost got hit!

almost got hit!

After an uninspiring time wandering in the town, we were on the bus back to the ship, but I jumped off the bus and went to have a look at this church, St Peter and Paul Orthodox Cathedral, mainly because I was so disappointed with Constanta and was hoping to have one rewarding experience.  The church was interesting, ornate and different.  The frescoes were alarming! The first one depicts a very different view of the afterlife to the one I envisage and hope for!  Here are my RED photos.  It looks like a river of blood is being swallowed by the fish or snake monster in the first.  Scary stuff!  It reminds me of the gruesome Last Judgement by Taddeo di Bartolo in the Collegiata in San Gimignano. The second is less nightmare-ish.

St Peter and paul Orthodox Cathedral

St Peter and Paul Orthodox Cathedral

St Peter and Paul Orthodox Cathedral

St Peter and Paul Orthodox Cathedral

I probably visited 50 or more churches, cathedrals and chapels in the 10 weeks we were in Europe (maybe more) and this was one of the most unusual.

I’m glad I have the assurance of heaven!


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10 Responses to “Ruby Tuesday #4 – Constanta, Romania and Judgement Day?”

  1. Leora Says:

    Glad you were not hurt. I enjoy both these colorful frescoes; I guess the nightmarish one fascinates me instead of bothering me. I see scales as in judgement, and a horn being blown to awaken someone or something. Those devils are quite busy.

  2. Mimi Lenox Says:

    Stunning colors. What a trip you had!

    My Ruby Tuesday is Ruby Tuesday and Baby Boy Lost

  3. Yen Says:

    OMG on the car! Glad you were not hurt!

    But I love the 2 photos! they’re just majestic! Mines up too:D

  4. Minkydo Says:

    So glad you were safe. Those are interesting paintings. Sometimes I wonder what artists are smoking/drinking when they paint certain scenes. (okay that probably wasn’t nice, sorry). Thanks for sharing!

  5. judi~gmj Says:

    Scary stuff – I have always thought some parts of Europe very strange.

  6. judi~gmj Says:

    Ps; love the ruby captures!

  7. dot Says:

    Sounds like an interesting trip you were on. The church pictures are very beautiful.

  8. Michelle Says:

    That is scary to be so close. Happy that you weren’t hurt. I also enjoyed your Obama post..

  9. Mojo Says:

    Thank bhagwan for lightposts, na? Looks like a very near miss.

    – Mojo

  10. Dianne Says:

    here in NY people just crash into stuff all day long LOL

    glad you weren’t hurt

    the frescos are amazing – so rich!

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