The Obama blend

I couldn’t resist…

Campos coffee has an Obama blend:

“For those looking for change. Great depth of character, strong, and eloquent. This very appealing blend unites coffees from Africa and the Americas to produce a cup which has gotten us excited. Formidable middle palate flavours, syrupy with an uplifting finish. Excellent drink for going forward.

Of course, there is Kenyan coffee, with other African origins like the Rwandan, blended with solid middle palate Brazil and Indonesian.”

I will have to get some…


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4 Responses to “The Obama blend”

  1. c3andp Says:

    Let’s lift a cup.
    Obama gets us together again – this time around around a cup of coffee.
    What a uniter he is!

  2. Brian Says:

    what does ‘hope’ taste like exactly?

  3. wjcsydney Says:

    Brian, “hope” tastes exactly like what the advertiser wants it to taste like lol

    Was hoping you would read this, C3!

  4. Preacherman Says:

    I think this is great!

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