Skywatch Friday

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Mystery Bay again.

Mystery Bay

Mystery Bay

I love how the shapes of the clouds seem to echo the shapes of the rocks. Montague island on the horizon. We have not yet visited there. Too much to do on the mainland!  Wonderful snorkelling here.  Stingrays and huge sea urchins.  A beach where sea eagles are common. Once I sat on the beach with my binos while C and MissN were body boarding and simultaneously watched a sea eagle, a whistling kite and a peregrine falcon.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

And a sunset from the cottages:

sunset Mystery Bay

sunset Mystery Bay

We need to plan another visit, probably sans MissN who has grown a bit teen-weary of the unspoiled far south coast.  But she has memories for a life-time, of dolphins in the surf at 1080 beach on her 9th birthday, and a plane trip in a 4 seater on her 10th birthday, of fish she has caught in Wallaga and Wallagoot and Corunna lakes and fudge from Central Tilba, and fluffy cow road (Sunnyside road), and coffee at Casey’s and an octopus in the seagrass as we dined at Pelicans at Narooma, and a bluegrass band at Quarterdeck, and black cockatoos and red parrots and a stingray in the rockpool at brain rock and sea stars… but maybe those are just my memories.  I will have to ask her about hers.


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10 Responses to “Skywatch Friday”


    Wonderful landscapes!

    I like sky and sea, remember me my young age!!


  2. Sharon Says:

    Beautiful seacapes Wendy. I just love the ocean, I find so much peace and tranquility there.

    We holiday at the beach every year and are so lucky with our unspoilt coastline here in South Australia.

    You are making me really look forward to summer!

  3. island rambles Says:

    I love mystery bay, the clouds look so puffy.. I love sky watch as we get to travel all around the world and see the sky. Nice sky watch post. Thanks for sharing with us. cheers.

  4. prettylifeonline Says:

    The way of fortune is like the milkyway in the sky…. Wonderful capture for skywatch! Mine’s up too hope you can drop by, asking for your vote too… thanks a lot! Happy weekend

  5. Minkydo Says:

    Beautiful! If Miss N. doesn’t want to go, I will gladly take her place 🙂

  6. imac Says:

    2 great captures.

  7. Debbie Says:

    Beautiful – I, too, immedietly noticed the echo effect of rocks and clouds.

    Enjoyed the “Coffee” post below too 🙂

  8. babooshka Says:

    They are beautiful seacapes especially the silhouetted one.

  9. pottedfrog Says:

    A nice beach to roam around on and look for little treasures. Lovely photos.

  10. arija Says:

    I’ve not yet been to Mystery Bay, it sounds quite magical and accessible by car. Overseas is out for me as I am no longer compatible with large planed and my walking on water skills leave something to be desired.
    Lovely enticing photos of the place . The raptors and dolphins draw me like a magnet.

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