We went shopping…

Coffee with MissN at a cafe after school: $5.50

2 dresses, a cardigan and retro bag at the Anglicare shop: $37.50

Watching my little girl blossom into a beautiful young lady: Priceless

MissN in her op shop find

MissN in her op shop find


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12 Responses to “Priceless”

  1. Lisa B Says:


    MissN is stunning, that picture would be lovely in black and white.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Gosh, she is just gorgeous Wendy, what a lovely shop up you did!
    Hugs, Jen

  3. Kelli Says:

    A lovely photo Wendy. And she certainly is becoming a beautiful young woman!!

  4. Sharon Says:

    I love op shops! And yes, Miss N is certainly blooming into a beautiful young woman!

  5. Linda Says:

    What a gorgeous dress & photo…another nice shot would be one of Miss N’s pretty face showing 🙂 Has she considered modeling? She sure has the body for it and is very good and posing.

  6. J D Says:

    Wow…what a beauty!

  7. glyn Says:

    Well, Wend, what a stunning pic of Nicci! lots of love to y’all and my prayers are with those in Gustav’s path. Adore the dress. do you remember the ’20’s and ’40’s dresses i used to wear?

  8. wjcsydney Says:

    Woohoooo my sister comments on my blog!
    Prayers are being answered re Gustav!
    Wish you had kept those dresses!
    MissN doesn’t know how gorgeous she is. But she is more gorgeous on the inside.

  9. Bettina Says:

    oh she looks gorgeous!!

  10. Minkydo Says:

    What a lovely young lady 🙂

  11. magneto bold too Says:

    WOW Wendy! She looks amazing! I love the pose.

  12. wjcsydney Says:

    It’s not a bad pic seeing as she did it herself with the auto timer!!!

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