Five ways in which blogging has changed my life

and I am flattered and pleased to be tagged by John Dobbs.  John is blog king, but to me a mentor, a friend, an inspiration (and a great chat host).  At least half the blogs in my Google Reader I clicked on to from his blog or from one of his blogging friends.

The rules for this meme are below.  L.L. Barkat created this meme, “Five Ways Blogging Has Changed My Life.”  Read to the end to see if you have been tagged!

Here are five ways blogging has changed my life:

1.  I have tapped into a supportive and affirming online blogging community, have made new friends, expanded and enhanced friendships I already had and had opportunities to touch, albeit very fleetingly, and connect with people through my words, music I love and photographs.  I am able to access the world you live in.  I can read and share your thoughts. musings, scholarly conclusions, jokes, trials, embarrassments (can I mention Trey here?), recipes, menu plans, poems, see your photos, children, gardens, quilts, stitcheries.  I can laugh with you (snort on occasion!), muse, ponder, cry, praise, pray, give thanks, be inspired, hurt, feel, learn, care…

2. I have changed the focus of my online “writing” from the argumentative discursive based writing I mostly did in the Yahoo and other discussion lists I am in to a more creative one.  Instead of being reactive, my writing is now proactive.  Instead of being focussed inward, I am more outwardly focussed.

3. I have focussed on my passions: faith, family, cooking, health – especially healthy eating, travel, reading, music, birds, quilting, friends.  I have been doing a course at my church called Significant Woman and our last session was – significantly –  “Uncover your passions” (no, not THAT kind…)  In discussion with the ladies there, I realised that I had become quite passionate about my blog (I became quite animated telling them about it) and the possibilities – for connecting with people, educating, preaching (about organic chocolate and healthy eating…), sharing my faith, sharing my life with my family and friends.   Conversely, writing about my passions has meant that I have “lived” them more.  I’m more focussed on cooking.  I am more mindful of what birds I see.  I make notes of books recommended on blogs I enjoy.

4.  Blogging has become something I do, an identity I have assumed, a part of who I am.  The writer in me has reappeared.  I wrote regularly in my teens – mostly poetry, and even had a poem published.  Studying literature at university made me critical and analytical and and I lost the incentive to write.  Teaching English reinforced that.  Some years of emailing and discussion lists did give me some confidence that I could express myself – on occasion, and blogging has been the next step.

5.  My mood has been much more positive (and this has been noted quite a fewtimes by C.)  I’m excited about blogging. I’m proud of how my blog looks (for those of you yet to venture into blogging – just do it – you don’t have to be technical or artistic or whatever – wordpress – or typepad, blogspot or livejournal- make it really easy ONCE you have fiddled with setting it all up.)

Here are the rules (L.L. Barkat)

1. Write about 5 specific ways blogging has affected you, either positively or negatively.
2. link back to the person who tagged you
3. link back to this parent post (I’m not so much interested in generating links, but rather in tracking the meme so I can perhaps do a summary post later on that looks at patterns and interesting discoveries.)
4. tag a few friends or five, or none at all
5. post these rules— or just have fun breaking them

Here are my five six TAGS:

Steve Tucker






If you are reading this, Nev, I hope you have a wonderful birthday.  My Cape Town brother is 47 today!


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8 Responses to “Five ways in which blogging has changed my life”

  1. J D Says:

    Great job Wendy! I didn’t know Minkydo had a blog… got it on my reader now. Keep up the good work (but stay away from the eel!)

  2. Bobby Cohoon Says:

    Wendy I agree and can identify with all the examples you have given. Good job sis!


  3. L.L. Barkat Says:

    I really liked number 2. Blogging gives us a chance to see ourselves in a kind of mirror, a chance to change and grow.

    Loved your answers. And I identified with the literary thing; it kind of kills the true writer inside. Blogging takes us back to real talk, lively writing, and yes, even snorts. : )

  4. Tucker Says:

    I loved your insight! It’s amazing how one can befriend another, get to know them without ever meeting. Thanks for being a part of the community. And thanks for tagging me…I think.

    Your a special woman with a kindred spirit!

  5. Tucker Says:

    and btw…..I finally added you to my roll.

  6. Tucker Says:

    and another thing, where do you find all these ingredients to make these recipes? Our grocery store must be in the 19th Century.

  7. Minkydo Says:

    Just playing catch-up here. I see that I have been tagged. I will try to get this responded to in a couple of days 🙂


  8. margaret Says:

    So much of what you say about the life-enhancement of blogging rings true for me. Plus – it’s a great excuse for taking yet more photos!

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