Take a can of beans

open it, mix with some yummy fresh ingredients and you have a delicious, frugal, quick, easy, healthy, summery meal.  You can’t beat that!  And it meets my criteria of no preservatives or chemicals.  It’s Italian in inspiration (the cuisine I could live on if I had to choose one and one only for the rest of my life).  Add fresh bread and you have lunch or dinner.  And C and MissN love it!

I use cannellini beans but borlotti beans are good too.  You can use any beans you like.  Or have.  You can even cook your own. I do sometimes, when I am organised.

My basic (flexible) recipe is

Mix together:

chopped garlic

finely sliced red onion

green beans, cut into short pieces and briefly boiled, then refreshed in cold water and drained

1 tin drained cannellini beans

olive oil

white wine vinegar or lemon juice

season with salt and freshly ground black pepper

Spoon onto a bed of green salad leaves

Top with a quartered hard boiled egg, tomatoes and black olives

Italian bean salad

Italian bean salad

Potatoes make a good replacement for the beans.  Add whatever ingredients you have to the bean mixture.  Tonight I added finely sliced celery.  Capers and anchovies add a Nicoise touch but the salad is quite tasty enough without them.

Regular readers and friends know that I am a bit of a healthy food fanatic.  My first criteria though, before healthy food, is delicious food.  Life is too short to eat food that doesn’t taste good.  And my family is less likely to be keen on it if it doesn’t taste wonderful.  God has blessed us with such an abundance of variety that there is no reason not to eat delicious food that is actually good for you too. And we owe it to our bodies to feed them the very best ingredients we can.

So why do we short-change our bodies with processed junk that sabotages our health?


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7 Responses to “Take a can of beans”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I have been trying to eat more fresh foods and less processed stuff. Thanks for the tips! I enjoy putting fresh spinach on a lot of things I used to use lettuce for — tacos, sandwiches, etc. I even threw it in some scrambled eggs with ham and cheese the other night, very yummy! 🙂 Everyone in my family enjoys eating better.

  2. Take a tin of beans | Healthy Living Says:

    […] original here: Take a tin of beans Posted in Nutrition RSS 2.0 | Trackback | […]

  3. Trey Morgan Says:

    I would love to hang out at your house for about a month and feast on your food. I’d even give up kid cereals. Well… I’d have to think about that one…

  4. wjcsydney Says:

    Lisa, spinach is awesome stuff. We eat a lot of it. I love rocket (aragula) too.

    You would have to bring your own kid cereals, Trey!

  5. Arlene Kasselman Says:

    thanks for stopping by my blog – what a delicious treat to stop by yours. How nice to meet in the blogosphere. the renewal we will be doing is going to be in Brisbane, and I know that is far from you. What we request is for participants to get themselves to the site and then once there, the remainder of the costs (accomodation, food, retreat) is free.
    I will keep checking by your blog!

  6. Jamey Says:

    I wish I had some bean dishes that looked as good as that. I had some today…mixed with hot dogs. It was my lame attempt to introduce my northerner wife to “beanie weenies.”

    Interesting looking stuff though! I like to do a little experimental cooking in my free time, so I can’t wait to see what else ya got.

  7. Brain Games Says:

    I love beans. Good thing to know we eat the same brand of beans product. I don’t know, but I make sure that beans is always included in my meal at least once or twice a week or even more. Beans are just healthy, delicious and irresistible. Try red beans, they have a lot of anti-oxidant.

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