Skywatch Friday 19 – sunset over the Great Dividing range

Continuing the sunset theme for Skywatch Friday… (you can see more Skywatch photos here)


This photo was taken in 2003.  We were away for a weekend with friends, staying at Duckmaloi Farm near Oberon in NSW (about 2 1/2 hours from Sydney) at the heart of the Great Dividing range which separates the fertile coastal plain on the eastern coast with the much drier and mostly arid interior.  Duckmaloi Farm was lovely – the girls were particularly taken by the alpacas. (The boys enjoyed the tennis court!)


We had had a wonderful day at Jenolan Caves – took in a cave tour, did a bushwalk and picnic along the Jenolan creek (we saw a platypus in the pool just near the Grand Arch) and the kids had fun (including wet feet!).



We were back at Duckmaloi preparing to barbecue for dinner (the place we stayed had an indoor shed to bbq INSIDE!) when the weather changed and the most amazing storm blew in.  The photo below captures a bit of the pink light that preceded the wind.  I love the quintessential gum trees.


It snowed that night about 50kms south of where were, and the girls went riding the next morning at Shooter’s Hill in ICY weather (Oberon is one of the coldest places in NSW).  I came home sick and spent the next few months with a very prolonged case of labyrinthitis, but it was a lovely weekend with friends and the memory of the fun remains, not the illness after.

One more sunset photo:


and I end once more with words that capture for me the hope, the light, the truth in the sunsets:
“now is temporary, eternity is forever, we are all just one heartbeat away from stepping into a room full of angels” scg


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4 Responses to “Skywatch Friday 19 – sunset over the Great Dividing range”

  1. Louise Cannon Says:

    That sky is amazing. It looks like a wonderful time for all!

  2. Musings Says:

    Those are truly glorious skies! Well done!

  3. J D Says:

    Great posts…lovely pictures! Thanks!

  4. Enigma Says:

    What an unusual sunset shot — such brilliant color. One day I want to get to Australia…I have been reading about your ation since I was a boy. These shots are one more reason why I need to get there. Thanks for sharing and have a fantastic weekend!

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