Chickens, rabbits and water buffalo for Christmas

No, that isn’t my Christmas day menu!

I posted some links a couple of weeks back of organisations with catalogues that provided us with the opportunity to purchase needful things for those who are most needy instead of us privileged ones giving each other more stuff we don’t need, and often don’t even want.   I was really pleased when Christian Blind Mission responded with a comment here.

Gospel for Asia has some really neat ideas – chickens and rabbits for A$12.50 a pair, and how about a water buffalo for a$540 or a well to provide clean water for A$1250, if we could afford to give that amount?  Blankets for A$6.60?  That’s two soy chai lattes I need to forfeit (or just one – I had a really expensive one in Chinatown yesterday! A$6.05…)  Or one magazine!  Kinda puts it in perspective, doesn’t it?  If you have family or friends who just don’t “get” the whole concept of buying them this kind of “virtual” gift and need something tangible to be assured that you love them, what about an Indian shoulder bag for $20?

Can I challenge you to watch this Christmas video and rethink your Christmas gift budget?

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7 Responses to “Chickens, rabbits and water buffalo for Christmas”

  1. Trey Morgan Says:

    WOW … very eye opening!

  2. Trey Morgan Says:

    PS – Why is it when John Dobbs makes a comment, he gets a really cool picture of himself. When I make a comment I’m some freaky pink looking monster! Not fair 🙂

  3. wjcsydney Says:

    Trey, one of the many advantages of wordpress…
    I could change all the monsters to something else!

  4. Trey Morgan Says:

    Wow, that guy’s much better looking that the real Trey! Thanks 🙂

  5. lightening Says:

    I love these types of gifts. My biggest problem right now is choice. These types of programs seem to be everywhere this year. I feel like my mail box is inundated and I can’t shop with them all!!!! Hmmm….

  6. Louise Cannon Says:

    I wish more people would “give me” gifts like you mentioned than what they do! Terrific, thougt-provoking post!

  7. Letter from Jesus about Christmas « Food from Afar Says:

    […] teach them to reach out and bless others by giving to those less fortunate. Some ideas are here and here and here.   One of my proudest moments was some 5-6 years ago when MissN said that what […]

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