2008 – What are you grateful for?

Did you have a good 2008?

John Alan Turner challenged us to create a list of the highlights of 2008.  Like many of my friends and family, we had a difficult 2008.  Some of my  friends have blamed the alignment of the planets.  I just blame life!  C said he was grateful 2008 was over.  For some close to me, 2008 was a nightmare, and a nightmare that isn’t over yet and won’t be for a long time.  However, 2008 was also a year of amazing blessings.

Some of my blessings (which I am choosing, rather than highlights) in no particular order, were:

  • Our family subscription to the Bell Shakespeare Company.  This was nominally MissN’s 2007 Christmas present (she shrieked with excitement when she saw the tickets, and shrieked even more when she realised there were tickets for 3 plays, not one), but in reality a family present.  We especially loved Hamlet.  C wasn’t feeling well for the last play (and Anatomy Titus Fall of Rome was very bloody so it’s best he wasn’t in the 3rd row!), so we invited one of MissN’s friends (the only one who also loves Shakespeare).  She coped with the buckets of blood!

    C and MissN

    C and MissN

  • Dolce, MissN’s adorable cat, continues to be a source of amusement, delight and comfort for us all.
  • My baptism on February 17 (my mom’s birthday!) at my new church.  My journey to baptism had been a very long one – it probably began when I was 20 and the church I had grown up in wouldn’t marry us.  I will write about it.  Soon.
  • My spiritual support groups – my new church, my new connection group and my Wednesday morning ladies Bible study group from my previous church.  The Prayer group at MissN’s school, which I will be co-facilitating this year.  Pray for me!  My many dear brothers and sisters, friends and mentors who are always prepared to listen, comfort, encourage and pray with and for me. (You know who you are!)
  • Closer relationships with my siblings.  We had a wonderful Christmas with my brother and his wife and daughter in Brisbane.  christmasdinnerIt’s so cool having some relatives in Australia now!  (They arrived from NZ in 2006 and spent Christmas 2007 with us in Sydney).  My sister and other brother are in Johannesburg and Cape Town respectively, and C’s sisters are in the UK.  The 4 of us are in much closer contact by phone, email and IM.  Facebook is wonderful (all 4 of us are now on fb) – Iam connectedtoo with my nieces and nephews and enjoy their pics and a snippet of their lives, albeit at a great geographic distance.
  • Being awed by the patience and forbearance C has shown and is showing since he had his cataract surgery and detached retina last June/July.  He still has markedly reduced close (to 10m) vision and further surgery is possible (luckily not invasive).  He has been inspiring in how he coped with the 10 days face forward following the detached retina surgery, the uncertainty of what degree of sight would be restored and the trails of life with always the wrong glasses at hand and an inability to see much of what we take for granted.  (We give thanks for the iPod he bought just prior to his first surgery! Podcasts kept him going!)  He shows the same patience with me!  I am blessed (and I would say he is a hunk but it would embarrass MissN so I won’t.)
  • My beautiful daughter has amazed us with how she has matured, grown strong and resilient and managed to achieve some stunning school results with not much effort, despite a very difficult year.  She is witty, dramatic, caring, insightful and great fun.  Most important of all,  she is loving.  I am blessed (as is C) by an incredibly close relationship with her. And – she is a great cook!
  • My blog (begun in April) has been a creative outlet for me and has connected me with so many new friends.  It has crystallised my attention on my interests (cooking/birding/sewing/reading) and I am pursuing them more avidly as a result of blogging about them.  My blog also been a way of thinking of God in all I do, of being aware of the spiritual nourishment that is everywhere, if we open our eyes, our ears and our hearts.

What are you grateful for?

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5 Responses to “2008 – What are you grateful for?”

  1. Kin Says:

    In reality the first 49 weeks of 2008 were great, it was just the last three weeks that nearly sent me over the edge.

    But the biggest blessing of 2008 was of course our beautiful daughter MissMoo, who completes our family and fills me with love every day (not that the other two don’t, but you know, she’s still so new, even if she does turn one in a month!)

    I’m sure there were others. Maybe soon I’ll be able to think about them.

  2. Melly Says:

    Buying our own home, and planning how to do it up. It’s so nice to have a house that is truly ours, that we can do anything to without asking permission first!

    Josh getting a promotion, raise and bonus. We have been blessed financially this year and we are trying to be good stewards with what we have been given.

    Welcoming Stormy into our family!

    Seeing my baby grow into a toddler. It is amazing watching him learn and develop and discover the world.

    Finding a church we like and feel comfortable in.

  3. Tucker Says:

    Glad you can rejoice about your year!!! Great stories and enjoy hearing how blessed you are! Hang in there, who knows what will come next.

  4. wjcsydney Says:

    Tuck, Phillippians 4:4!

  5. Mistress B Says:

    You have some fantastic blessings there.

    School prayer groups are a great idea aren’t they? A g/f of mine started one at our children’s school a few years back and it’s great

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