Skywatch Friday #26- New England country skies

We travelled back from Brisbane (where we had spent Christmas with my brother and his family) to Sydney on 30 December.  We chose to to miss the vacationing crowds on the Pacific Highway by taking the inland route and I was curious to see the New England region, even if fleetingly.

dec2-08-545I took these photos through the car window as we were travelling (hence the blurry fences), and was quite pleased with them.  I have no idea where they were – somewhere between Glen Innes (where we had lunch) and Tamworth (where we had afternoon tea).  dec2-08-546They seem to capture a mood which for me is quintessentially Australian. Cleared bush, some native vegetation remaining, a farmhouse now and then, livestock occasionally,  a wedge tailed eagle or eastern grey kangaroo if one is lucky.  It’s the kind of scenery that makes me want to put Wallis and Matilda or John Williamson in the CD player and sing along.

You can see more Skywatch Friday pics here.

7 Responses to “Skywatch Friday #26- New England country skies”

  1. Melly Says:

    This the highway of my childhood! Travelling down the New England to Morpeth and back up again once or twice a year. Always felt like going home 🙂

  2. Rocks Says:

    That’s quite a nice picture considering you took them while traveling. I love the first one.

  3. wjcsydney Says:

    Melly, I am hoping to make that trip many more times!

  4. chrome3d Says:

    Thanks for your roadtrip photos. They looked very australian to me, although I have never been there.

  5. Fishing Guy Says:

    Wendy: I loved the colors of the sky in the first photo beat, very nice SWF.

  6. Arija Says:

    Great clouds and beautiful rime on the trees.

  7. Kin Says:

    That’s a beautiful area of the country. Every time we drive through there I have the urge to stop and spend more time, but unfortunately we only seem to be there on our way to somewhere else.

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