Simple things and chocolate cake

It’s a hurting time for so many people.  Victoria is under another bushfire alert.  Please pray that there will be no further injuries, loss of life or property.  Queensland is still flooded (60% of north and north west Queensland is flood affected).  I won’t even mention the world’s financial crisis as I am trying to ignore it.  Dear friends and family are facing very difficult personal situations that are ongoing and have no easy resolution.

It’s too easy to become discouraged and disheartened by the pain that surrounds us.  I choose not to watch the news (or tv apart from the very occasional program – I’m loving Cranford atm) or current affairs programs.  I trust in a future where there will be no pain or heartache or depression or cancer or mental illness and every tear will be wiped away.

Meanwhile I try to nurture my family with loving kindness.  And food.  I bake cake for Sunday afternoon tea. I recently found a wonderful recipe for Chocolate, Orange and Almond Cake. It’s dairy free and gluten free and delicious.  And easy.  The recipe makes a  large cake or 2 smaller ones.  I halve it very succesfully and find it bakes in 45 minutes if I make half.   The first time I made it I couldn’t find the cooking chocolate, so I substituted Lindt 85% Cocoa. It was so good I don’t think I will ever try cooking chocolate (Green and Black’s Dark 70% wasn’t as succesful as Lindt.  Yes, I have made this cake a few times already!)


I set the table with a cloth and get out the cups and saucers and cake forks and make a pot of tea. Yesterday we had honey tea we bought in Mauritius a few years ago (it is still fresh).  yes, I know you aren’t supposed to keep tea.  We need to drink it!

Simple things.  Nurturing things.  Rituals binding us together in love.


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5 Responses to “Simple things and chocolate cake”

  1. Libby Says:

    What a lovely idea for a Sunday afternoon tradition.


  2. Michele Says:

    My prayers go out to all those affected by these horrible disasters… truly a sad sad time… hang in there, my friend.


  3. Tucker Says:

    Nothing better than some things being simple and then some chocolate cake!


  4. Jennifer English Says:

    Hearts are saddened and crying about the fires and floods. Rituals and traditions infuse structure, like a skeleton to soft tissue. Children especially draw comfort from repeated events, as simple as Sunday afternoon tea. For a long while, ours was pannekoek on Sunday evenings. Would you share your recipe for the chocolate orange almond cake?

  5. wjcsydney Says:

    Hi Jenny, thanks for visiting! There is a link to the recipe. Click the bolded name of the cake.

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