1st Annual TheoBloggers Christian Awards

One of the things I love about blogging is the new friends I have made. I love being a part of the Christian blogging fellowship. Some of my blogging friends (hi Brad!) are sponsoring these awards. I wish Tulsa was closer! Maybe one year I will get there…

Please help us get the word out by blogging/posting/tweeting the URL http://nominate.theobloggers.org.

At the Tulsa (Oklahoma, USA) Workshop this year, we will be having a TheoBloggers® sponsored dinner for Christian bloggers and fans of Christian bloggers on Saturday, March 28th at 11:00 a.m. at the Memorial Road Church of Christ building.  Of the myriad festivities that will occur at that dinner, one of the most exciting will be the first annual TheoBloggers® Christian Bloggers Awards.

Just like blogging, we want to make this a community event.  To do so, we need you to help us nominate bloggers for various awards.  Once the nominations are in, a panel of five judges will consider all comments and frequency of nominations and will sort the nominations and come up with the top three in each category.  At that time, we will make you aware of the finalists and you will get to make the final decision in a second round of voting.  The results of these awards will be announced at the TheoBloggers® dinner and then posted at http://www.theobloggers.com.

We have two categories of awards: “Best of” awards, which focus on individual blogs and posts, and “Blogger of the Year”, which will focus on the overall content and communicative value of the blog.  The “Best of” awards will consist of the following categories:

– Best Marriage/Family/Parenting Blog
– Best Leadership/Discipleship Blog
– Best Devotional/Inspirational Blog
– Best Theological Blog
– Best Practical Ministry Blog
– Best Blog by a Female Blogger
– Best New Blogger – Must have started their first blog in 2008

This form is broken into three parts: your information, “Blogger of the Year” nomination, and “Best of” nomination.  Be sure to use the appropriate spaces for your nominations.  Please revisit the form to nominate additional bloggers. You may nominate as many bloggers per category as you choose.  You may also nominate yourself if you desire, although this does not sit well for the “Most Humble Blogger” award :).

Blogging award nominations will be accepted from February 9th through March 2nd.  Finals voting will be March 9th through March 23rd.

If you have any questions or problems with this form, please contact brad@theobloggers.org

For more information on or to register for the Bloggers Luncheon and Awards Presentation, visit http://register.theobloggers.org


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2 Responses to “1st Annual TheoBloggers Christian Awards”

  1. Brad Palmore Says:

    Wendy, you’re awesome!

  2. wjcsydney Says:

    lol Brad, I just LOVED approving that comment…

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