March 8, 2009 and honey roasted spiced macadamias

8 March 2009 was the 35th anniversary of my first date with C.  We had met at school the previous year (1973) when he was in Matric (or Std 10 – the final year of school) and I was in Std 8 (third last year).  We caught the same bus home.  I had about 2kms to travel home (it was walking distance but we had to wear blazers and the bags were heavy) but he went into the city each day and met his mom at her work and then travelled home another 30 or so kms with his parents.  He hadn’t changed schools to one closer to home as he just had a year to go, and he had only arrived the year before from England.  We were both nerds.  I was an academic, shy nerd and he was a glasses-wearing Pommy nerd from the wrong side of town.

It was a very inauspicious first date.  We went to the drive in (the Hillfox) with a friend of his (C didn’t get a car till a couple of years later).  I have no idea what movie we saw!  We have been together ever since.  I have never dated another guy (which did not please my parents who wanted me to meet a lawyer or doctor at university).  He had one relationship prior to me, but she lived in Pretoria and as he was living in Elspark, a suburb of a satellite town south of Johannesburg, so distance, if nothing else, killed that.

Anyway, we grew up together.  He was 18 and I was 16 when we started dating, 22 and 20 when we got engaged, 23 and 21 when we married.  We will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary on 30 June this year.   How far we have travelled together!


I did want to get flowers on Sunday.  C always used to bring me dutch irises when we were dating.  But Miss Dolce cat likes to tip over vases.. and I didn’t get to go out till late so…  I made him these:


Honey roasted spiced macadamias.  C loves honey macadamias but they are expensive!  I get 500g of natural macadamias at a local fruit shop for about A$6.50 and would guess the recipe costs me less than A$8 in total.


I used this recipe.  I used macadamias instead of mixed nuts, dark brown sugar and a mixture of sweet and smoky paprika. The complexity of the spices balanced the sweetness and richness of the coating.  Be sure to cook the honey mixture till it is dark and almost toffee-like.  I made them before and only cooked the coating to fudge-stage.  This batch were much better. They were divine and were finished by Tuesday!  Enjoy!


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8 Responses to “March 8, 2009 and honey roasted spiced macadamias”

  1. Christina Says:

    I love this, Wendy! It’s so sweet, especially the fact that he was your first boyfriend. That’s so precious. I’m very happy for both of you.

  2. lightening Says:


  3. Tucker Says:

    Great story, congratulations! When my wife and I celebrate our first date, I hope she reads this and makes me honey roasted spiced macadamia nuts.

  4. wjcsydney Says:

    or you could make HER honey roasted macadamias, Tuck…

  5. Tucker Says:

    well, I could, but I don’t have an oven at the moment. However, they would have to be organic! : )

  6. Libby Says:

    Definitely going to try the honey roasted macadamias – thanks for sharing.


  7. Chookie Says:

    I love true love stories (I tend not to read the other kind). When do we see a wedding photo?

  8. Minkydo Says:

    Sweet story 🙂

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