Hitler’s Daughter


MissN makes her acting debut tomorrow (April 3, 6.30pm at her school, tickets available at the door) , playing Mark, one of the main characters, in the stage adaptation of Jackie French’s novel Hitler’s Daughter.

It’s the Junior (years 7-10) production at her school.  She is also studying drama as one of her electives and loving it.

Consider yourself invited to Hitler’s Daughter!

Break a leg, sweetie.

I’m feeding on the satisfying sweetness that my girl has found herself a niche – something she loves, excels at and can immerse herself in, something that allows her to express herself, gains her recognition with her peers and improves her self esteem.  And of course, as an ex-English teacher, how can I NOT love that she loves Shakespeare and  Oscar Wilde?


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5 Responses to “Hitler’s Daughter”

  1. Tucker Says:

    Good luck to her! I wasn’t sure what to expect with that title…glad to see it was something good. I didn’t know you were an English teacher. sorry for all my grammatical and spelling errors!

  2. Kelli Says:

    Hope Miss N’s debut went really really well. And also that you & C enjoyed the play.

  3. Amanda Sanders Says:

    How was the play? Details and Pictures?

  4. preacherman Says:

    Good luck.
    Thank you for sharing this post with us.
    I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

  5. wjcsydney Says:

    Amanda, I didn’t take any pictures. I decided just to enjoy it as a live performance and not try to capture it. There are some pics on the school website but I am not sure where – it may be on their intranet. I will get MissN to download for me.

    The play was excellent. It’s a thought provoking play with lots of moral questions and the cast conveyed very well the ambiguities of what it would be like to have a father like Hitler. There were moments that were incredibly moving. MissN was a star – but I am not biased of course! Seriously, she was excellent! And it was wonderful for her to have so many friends in the audience too.

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