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DQ goes to Disney World!

July 3, 2009

Remember DQ?  He is one of the foster kids of my friends, Wendy and Jim, who live in Kentucky, USA.  He has Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy but it’s his wonderful spirit that makes him special!


He got his computer late last year, thanks to the generosity of many people who heard of his need!

He has had a very rough time.  He had been hoping to start physical therapy to regain strength in his arms after his one year check up (he had a spinal fusion and rods put in his back last June) so  he could gain back the 60-70% of upper body strength he has lost. He was so excited and was telling the other boys that they better get ready because he would be challenging them to another basketball game soon. (He beat them all before his surgery but now, he cannot raise his arms to throw the ball).

But at his check up they were told that with Muscular Dystrophy, “what is gone is gone forever”. There can be no physical therapy because to exert the muscles will cause muscle tissue break down and he will lose MORE than he’s already lost. His inaction and loss of muscle tissue this past year has also affected his heart and he has had to increase his heart meds.

Poor guy!   His hopes were so high for this whole year. They were told that everything would have been like they had been told until the e-coli infection set in and he had to have 3 additional surgeries and had to spend 3 extra months in the hospital and then another 3 months in bed at home. That changed everything but no one thought to tell them that…

But there is GOOD NEWS!  Make a Wish and the Lexington Dream Factory asked him to make a wish and he wanted to go to Disney World.  They are leaving on the morning of July 8th and check in at Give Kids the World on the 9th.  It is a wonderful place for kids who have handicaps and all the Blasdell foster kids get to go. A new handicapped van has been rented for them to get them from Kentucky to Florida. It won’t hold them all so Wendy (foster mom) will have to drive their van, too. They have tickets to Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios!  One day will be spent at the beach because none of the boys has seen the ocean – yet!

Wendy can see a spark of excitement in DQ’s eyes. They want to make this a wonderful memory for him. He is ‘trying’ to save his allowance for spending money and they make a point of bringing up the trip every day just to see him get excited.

It will be a hard trip but oh so worth it. They have been given some money in gas cards but that will only cover one van (there and back) so they are saving to have gas money for the other van and spending money for all of them. Such excitement as they all try to make a dream come true and give a trip that will never be forgotten to a child who deserves some fun and excitement!
(This was adapted from an email Wendy Blasdell wrote)

I sent DQ and the boys some spending money – many thanks to my wonderful Wednesday Bible Study ladies who gave!  If you would like to be part of this amazing trip for DQ and the other special needs foster boys Jim and Wendy foster and bless them by contributing to their spending money or gas money, Wendy has a Paypal account:

wendyblasdell at yahoo dot com

or you could email me at wjcsydney at yahoo dot com for their mailing address.