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DQ went to Disney World!

August 29, 2009

Wendy B’s report on their trip:

Hi Everyone! I am so sorry that I have delayed giving an update on the trip. We all came home tired, happy, full of memories and BROKE!!!! Isn’t that the way vacations are suppose to end? LOL The only thing is….I came back with a kidney infection and a bad cold! Luckily it didn’t hit me until the last day coming home so it didn’t interfere with any of the ‘fun’ stuff. I’ve been trying to get well and take the boys on all the appointments that I postponed for the trip. It has been a very busy time.

DQ had a great trip. The only problem of the trip is that we rushed through every day…trying to do all the things that we could before we had to leave. We all agreed when we got home that we felt like we had just left home the day before. It passed so fast. DQ wants me to tell you about our schedule.

We left On Wednesday morning about 8:45AM. We hit the interstate (after gassing up and buying a breakfast sandwich) at 9:30AM. We drove through KY, TN, GA and into Florida about 10 or 12 miles and then stopped for a motel. That was 12 hours!! Jim wanted to stop sooner but we were all so excited that we just ‘kept on going’!!!!! The boys were all excited because there was ‘a real live palm tree’ in the motel lot.

On Thursday we drove on into Florida and down to Kissimmee. We arrived at Give Kids the World about 5PM. That evening, we ate and then went to the Winter Wonderland Santa visit (there on the property) DQ was actually lifted up to sit on Santa’s lap. After he was back in his chair…I noticed he was crying. We ask him if it hurt him to lift him up…he said, “No…I just never got to do that before!” OK…now there was a memory!!! It was worth all the work getting there to see and hear that. After that, the kids (and Jim) went around the property while I went to an orientation meeting to get our tickets to all the parks.

100_1455On Friday, we got up excited and ready to play. We ate breakfast at GKTW (Give Kids the World) and headed out to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World!!!! YAHHHHH. We got there, walked down main street to the castle…turned right to go to Tomorrow Land and the skies opened up! Lightning, thunder, hard rain. We took shelter under a restaurant overhang and stood there for over 2 hours. Finally, one of the park employees said, “This isn’t going to let up.” We then sloshed our way to the cars and headed back to GKTW.

On Saturday, we got up, excited and ready to play!!! We headed to Sea World!! We walked around and let the kids ride some rides. They even lifted DQ onto a couple of rides and strapped him in tight and let him scream with them!!! LOL The very best part was the Shamu show. It was wonderful!!!!! We all loved it!! In the middle of the afternoon…when we were about 1/2 way through the park….guess what? The skys opened again. Now, I’ve been to Florida before and I know that about every afternoon there is a short rain and then it clears right up. NOPE!! That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about torrents of rain!! We ducked under a small place that sold sodas to get away from the lightning. Once again…we stood there for an hour or more and realized it wasn’t letting up so we sloshed out again. This time, we waded in water nearly to our knees to get out. DQ’s chair was starting to make funny noises so we were afraid it would stop running. On the way back, some of the roads were flooded and we had to detour around. OK…we have laughed about that ever since!! We made some more memories!!!

On Sunday, we got up and rushed to Universal Studios after visiting the chapel at GKTW. Great day! Fun day! HOT DAY!! (101 degrees) But we made it through the day and DQ got to ride some more rides (some are way too rough for him) and they got to visit the big NBA store. Did I tell you that they are MAJOR basketball and football fans. Each used a lot of their spending money to buy a jersey and hat of their favorite teams and have their names put on the back. The NBA store was a BIG highlight for them. To actually have the money to pick out a jersey ($60 to $100) and have their name put on it and get a hat was a BIG deal!! We stayed until 10PM and made it back to GKTW by midnight. We had to stop and eat so we had a Denny’s breakfast!

On Monday, it was back to Disney World!! We saw the magic kingdom, the awesome parade at night and the fantastic fireworks. A very good day!

On Tuesday, we packed and checked out of GKTW by 11 AM. They gave us a list of parks and things to do around the US that we could use for the next year!! The only thing in KY is 6 Flags but in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, TN there is 9 different things!! The aquarium, Ober Gatlinburg (amusement park and ice skating rink) Ripley’s Believe it or Not and other Ripley attractions. We are excited about saving for a trip (or weekend) down there sometime before it gets too cold. It’s only 2 1/2 hours from here and we love the mountains. We would only have to pay for the motel and food because all the tickets to the other things will be free for the whole family! Exciting!!

100_1583When we left GKTW, they gave us tickets to go to Gator Land. We went straight there and everyone enjoyed seeing the big gators and other swamp creatures!! LOL. DQ had a picture made with a small (live) gator in his lap and a big snake around his neck!!! UGGHHH When we left there, we got something to eat and headed to Daytona Beach since the kids had never seen the ocean. We arrived there about 7PM and let them play in the ocean for a couple of hours. DQ stayed on the hard packed sand…making designs in the sand with his chair and swearing that he ‘saw sharks’ out in the ocean! Later he decided that he probably saw dolphins. LOLOLOL Spent the night a little farther up in Florida.

On Wednesday, we started to do some serious driving to get home. We drove up thru the rest of Florida and into GA. We made it past Atlanta to Dothan (I think) and decided we couldn’t go any farther. There wasn’t the excitement going home that there was in going!! Imagine that!

On Thursday we got up and completed the trip…arriving home early Thursday evening. We drove a total of 1886 miles!!!  Many of you supported us to make this trip possible. Thank you and be assured that DQ has had the experience of a lifetime. We made memories that has touched us all. You have made a difference in the life of a child. The Lexington Dream Factory/Make a Wish should be supported in every way possible. We saw kids at GKTW that will not have much longer on this earth….but their dream was to see Mickey, and they did. A little girl in the house next to us was from California and had a brain tumor at the base of her neck (near her spine) and they had removed it once but they can’t get it all and it keeps coming back. He father said that there is not a lot of hope. But she got to see Mickey!! GKTW is an awesome place for kids who have a dream. A man named Henri Landwirth started it. He was a holocaust survivor. I just read a book of his life. I don’t know if he’s still alive or not.

Thank you all for caring, loving us and helping with our kids dreams.

Pray for You morphs into SpeedDate

August 29, 2009

I love facebook.  I love keeping up with my far-spread family (and interacting with my daughter on fb in another dimension).  I love the photo’s, the updates… and I spend too much time blitzing jewels.  I try to stay away from most applications for a number of reasons (privacy being one).

I have added some applications (like Growing Gifts, Free Gifts, Send Coffee, Pray for You) that allow me to encourage my friends.  But it’s a worry when you get an email like this from the developer of an application:

We have decided to focus on something more exciting. Pray for You’s name and functionality will be changed next week to SpeedDate, a fun way to meet new people. Data entered into the original app won’t be used anymore. Feel free to check it out. Click here to use Pray for You. You can opt-out of this app here.

Pray for You

HUH?  You can guess that I opted out…  Imagine the marital disharmony this could create for some.  “Sweetie, why do you have SpeedDate in your facebook?”