Climate Change – Food should not be from afar

In the interests of climate change, Food from Afar is not to be taken literally!  My commitment is to exotic food and the food of the various cuisines of the world but not to imported or processed food, both of which add considerably and unnecessarily to the expenditure of fossil fuels and the emission of greenhouse gasses, which speed up climate change!

Aug09 008My passion is for simple, nutitious, delicious, frugal food (like this miso soup), bought in as unprocessed a condition as possible, mainly vegetarian,  cooked or prepared simply from fresh, mainly unprocessed ingredients with as little waste as possible.  My reasons – health, frugality, reducing our carbon footprint, reducing waste. And the results – delicious.  No cardboard food!

Our next step is the development of an organic vegetable garden.  We have a tiny backyard but one big enough to grow some vegies.  The biggest challenge is the lack of sun.  We did grow some vegies in pots last summer.  The next step is setting up some no dig beds.  Suggestions for shady gardens welcome!

Why is it so important to do what we can to halt or slow down climate change? Have a look at the top 100 effects of climate change. Consider how it will affect the poor of our planet and what responsibility we have to be stewards of the planet God has entrusted to our keeping.

For those who deny climate change is caused or exacerbated by man: it’s easier to argue against the evidence for climate change and our role in it and how that is connected to how we care for (or NOT care for) our planet and it’s
peoples, animals and lands than to change our wasteful and harmful practices.  It comes down to selfishness not to change or ant to change.

Conversely – what will it cost our descendants if we don’t act collectively NOW?  God will call us to account for our materialism/selfishness/wastefulness. I am convinced of that.

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5 Responses to “Climate Change – Food should not be from afar”

  1. Linda Green Says:

    Very good Wendy!

  2. Amanda Sanders Says:

    I am reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle right now. While reading this book, I realized that all of the previous generations of my family did the Locovore thing, naturally. I don’t have to re-invent the wheel, just make an effort to remember my roots. Good post.

  3. nick gill Says:

    Wendy, not all of us who disagree with the CCC platform are doing so out of selfishness or disdain for the environment. For me, environmental stewardship is a responsible, gracious, and loving movement of my life, born out of a response to the creative and restorative grace of God.

    My two concerns with the CCC platform are:

    1) like the evolution platform, CCC advocates generally treat their opponents as if they are brainless, backwards retards who are denying the only clear and obvious conclusion, when in fact the conclusions are still a matter of vigorous debate. The BBC is hardly a bastion of obstructionist thinking:

    2) The CCC platform is being driven almost totally by generating fear in order to manipulate people, and there’s millions upon millions of dollars being made in the meantime. That makes me very uncomfortable.

    I think being a locovore is very wise and commendable — I just don’t believe we should use fearmongering to manipulate people into changing.

  4. L.L. Barkat Says:

    I LOVE varied cuisines. About 10 years ago I really began a journey into ethnic cooking, since I’d become vegetarian and wanted to take advantage of the world’s tried and true traditions (um, and I got sick of salad pretty darn quick. 🙂

  5. wjcsydney Says:

    Nick – sorry if my post left that impression. That’s a fair comment you make. The issue of Climate Change is not such a political issue here in Australia and is not associated so clearly with a political party.
    Even though there may be much money to be made by manipulating people, I don’t believe that is the motivation of the scientists doing the research. One of my friends is one of them and I have had some limited insights into her world. Perhaps I can get her to comment?

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