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Open House

December 16, 2010

A young man born without arms or legs who is not angry at God any longer.

A member of the Mafia deserts the Mob because of his faith.

A doctor tells how and why she and her husband went to Ethiopia and started a hospital for fistula patients.

Another doctor tells how he died for 55 minutes – and returned to life.  Obviously.  Or he wouldn’t be relating the account.



These are some of the stories in Sheridan Voysey‘s latest Open House – Volume 3, his third volume of conversations from his excellent national Open House radio program.

I loved Open House Volume 3.  The range of interviews Sheridan selected from the program are varied, but almost uniformly inspiring.  I was enthralled by Michael Franzese’s journey from mobster to living a life of faith – all through the power of the love of a faithful woman.  I have been exposed to a lot of internet “hype” about the amazing Nick Vujicic but Sheridan’s interview showed his vulnerability.  I was left with immense admiration for all Nick has accomplished but could still relate his journey to my very mundane one.


Joel Osteen faced probing questions from Sheridan, Caroline Jones’ unorthodox (in the Christian sense) grief reaction is handled sensitively,  and there is poignancy in Bryce Courtney’s story – surprisingly not in the account of the loss of his son from AIDS.  You will have to discover it for yourself just why.


Life, faith (or lack thereof) and culture.  It’s great reading.  And would make a perfect Christmas gift.

You can buy Open House Vol 3 here or in all good bookshops in Australia. Volume 3 isn’t listed on Amazon yet but you can get the earlier volumes there..


Get it.  Trust me on this.