What she wears, what she wears…

Today I am wearing:

green bead earrings bought in South Africa (2002)

green (dark khaki) cardigan bought in Positano (1999)

apple green top bought in Sydney (at my favourite-but-no-more-the-same-shop Von Troska) (2006)

blue jeans bought in Shanghai (at the fake designer centre on East Nanjing Road) (2009)

brown shoes bought in Hong Kong (2009)

My clothes tell of many amazing trips.  We like to travel!

I am so very thankful for the travel opportunities we have had, the places we have been, the memories we share.

Jude 2


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One Response to “What she wears, what she wears…”

  1. broadsideblog Says:

    Fun post!

    I travel as often as possible, so have many items of clothing with similar trajectories and memories, from the long cotton skirts I bought in Oaxaca (May 2005) to the cotton bag I got in Vancouver (July 2011), the fab earrings I wear for Important Occasions (Paris, October 2008) and the silver sandals I got in Montreal so long ago I can’t remember…

    It’s like wearing your journeys.

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