Fijian skies

We got back last week from a week at Maqai Beach Eco Resort on Qamea island (east of Taveuni) in Fiji. It was wonderful despite the cold showers (no hot water) and the open boat crossing between the islands in driving rain to get there (no lifejackets!!)  No shoes worn for a week (‘cept reef shoes or fins in the water and I donned my hiking boots for the “jungle walk”), the food was what the amazing ladies in the kitchen cooked (and it was superb – organic vegies from the garden and fish caught that day), snorkelling, crab catching (to feed the baby turtle), lazing, reading, table tennis, bird watching, kava drinking, fun, new friends, hammocking and just being transfixed by the unbelievable beauty of the views… it was heaven.  We were restored.

Click on photos to get a larger view. You can enjoy hundreds of other gorgeous sky photos here.

Jude 2


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5 Responses to “Fijian skies”

  1. Tulsa Gentleman Says:

    We have nearly the same picture except I am on a river and you are on the ocean. I guess rain clouds are rain clouds no matter where you are.

  2. thebigbookofdating Says:

    Nice photos! (:

  3. Kerichojoy Says:

    Absolutely beautiful; especially when enlarged. Happy SWF!

  4. meerkatmarlene Says:

    Beautiful pictures! We keep looking at dive sites around Fiji. One day we’ll get there to get wet. Thanks for sharing.

  5. wjcsydney Says:

    Meer, Fiji is one of my favourite places. Tell us when you will be there.. we will join you…

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