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Skywatch Friday – Parliament House, Canberra

September 10, 2010

It’s been a long while.. but I’m back blogging with a Skywatch Friday photo or 2.

MissN and I had a trip to Canberra (3 hours drive away) in July with Amy, her exchange sister, who is from Tianjin (near Beijing), China.  Of course, Parliament House was on the itinerary.  It was a grey, chilly day but there were patches of blue from time to time.

Here are the girls in the House of Representatives. I love the colours in the two houses. The green symbolises the eucaylpts, Australia’s dominant and defining tree.

The Senate is rose-pink – the colour of the new growth.

Parliament House is a remarkable piece of architecture.  I love it,  This is on the roof looking south.  The vertical lines are part of the huge flagpole which can be seen from many partsof Canberra and acts as a guide to which direction to go when you get lost on one of the many circuits or roundabouts!

This is from the forecourt looking towards Old Parliament House and Mount Ainslie.

And here are the girls – dressed in grey for a grey day (apart from MissN’s socks!)

You can enjoy hundreds of other gorgeous sky photos here.


Tea is the new coffee?

April 24, 2009

22 April was the first anniversary of my blog.  I missed it!  We were in Shanghai and Hong Kong from 8-18 April, I’m still dealing with laundry/putting things away, and I have had a bad headache since we got back.  I thought it was a migraine but now think it’s a virus.  I am slowly feeling more “normal”.  Whatever that is.  From time to time my pc refuses to recognise my camera when I try to upload photos and this involves reloading drivers.  Which is a palaver.  It took me nearly 2 hours yesterday and 4 installs.  But I now have about 850 photos I took in China which I can use.  I didn’t want to blog before I could use some China photos.  Yes, I am a bit of a perfectionist. I have no idea how many photos C and MissN took – not quite as many as I did.  They have better cameras (C has a digital SLR) so they get better shots.  I take more to compensate for my blurry ones or the “dreaded black spot” which appears on my shots from time to time.  Yes, C, I SHOULD have let you buy me a new camera.

Anyway, I began my blog a year ago with a post about coffee and chocolate, so it seems appropriate to celebrate this blogaversary with a new header photo.  Tea.  The new coffee.  My overseas shopping indulgence was tea. I won’t tell you how much I spent (but assure you it was much less than a camera would have cost).

We spent a lovely day in the Old Town of Shanghai on the Friday we were there.  Late morning after battling the crowds at the Yuyuan Gardens we had a 40 minute very relaxing tea tasting (ie sales talk) at a shop in Old Street (Central Fangbang Road) and bought 100g of new season green tea – our new morning drink  (other green tea tastes dusty by comparison now), 50g of fruit tea, 50g of ginseng powder,  250g of Tie Guan Yin oolong tea and 6 tea flowers.  You can see an opened tea flower in the glass in the centre of the header photo.  These are amazing – balls of tea which open to reveal a flower and they can be used up to 10 times each.


I bought myself a terracotta tea pot (for oolong tea – one uses different types of pots for different types of tea!) from the Dongtai Road Antique Market.  It’s probably not antique but I like it.  It is just big enough for one cup.    MissN got herself a gorgeous noodle bowl.

I’m sipping oolong tea as I type (just one I bought at an Asian supermarket here in Sydney).  And loving the exotic calmness it provides.  I loved tea before we went to China.  But I will remember Shanghai and our wonderful time there every time I drink Chinese tea for the rest of my life.


MissN drinking dragon well tea (tea of longing) in Tongli last Monday (but “tea in Tongli” is another post…)