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Skywatch Friday – Parliament House, Canberra

September 10, 2010

It’s been a long while.. but I’m back blogging with a Skywatch Friday photo or 2.

MissN and I had a trip to Canberra (3 hours drive away) in July with Amy, her exchange sister, who is from Tianjin (near Beijing), China.  Of course, Parliament House was on the itinerary.  It was a grey, chilly day but there were patches of blue from time to time.

Here are the girls in the House of Representatives. I love the colours in the two houses. The green symbolises the eucaylpts, Australia’s dominant and defining tree.

The Senate is rose-pink – the colour of the new growth.

Parliament House is a remarkable piece of architecture.  I love it,  This is on the roof looking south.  The vertical lines are part of the huge flagpole which can be seen from many partsof Canberra and acts as a guide to which direction to go when you get lost on one of the many circuits or roundabouts!

This is from the forecourt looking towards Old Parliament House and Mount Ainslie.

And here are the girls – dressed in grey for a grey day (apart from MissN’s socks!)

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Skywatch Friday #22 – mudnest gumtree

December 13, 2008


I am a birdwatcher, which explains this photo.  It was taken last Sunday in the Sculpture Garden at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra. I did a very quick trip to see my friend, Janette, who recently celebrated a milestone birthday (I won’t share which one!).


I am not sure what species of bird’s nest it is but would guess it’s a pee wee’s (or magpie-lark if we are being a bit more formal).  I love the light on the leaves of the gum tree.  It was a glorious day.


We spent some time in the Sculpture Garden,



then wandered a bit in the Gallery,


had lunch at the cafe,


I planned to come back in January for the Degas exhibition,


and was blessed, refreshed and renewed by my visit.


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