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I will give thanks

June 14, 2011

You are my God, and I will give thanks to you wrote the psalmist in Psalm 118.

I’m going to try to post daily on something for which I am grateful.  Some friends are blogging the 365 Gratitude Project and others posting daily gratiude updates to facebook.  I will try to resist my tendency to overthink things and write long, illustrated blog posts. Nor am I going to commit to a photo per post. I’m not going to be adamant about posting every day (life sometimes prevents that and I am NOT in ownership of a smart phone to post from – nor do I want one).

Was pondering where I should start (thematically and practically) and weighing up if I should tweet, use tumblr, facebook or my good old neglected blog.  And I realised had my first thing to be grateful for – the myriad ways I can connect with people over the interwebz.

These are the days of miracle and wonder

This is a long distance call…

I am thankful for how I can open my laptop and chat with my family who live in South Africa and England and Wales and Queensland and the USA and Canada and elsewhere.  I am thankful that I have made and can communicate with friends in Kuwait and Bonaire and Brazil and Mauritius and other exotic and not-so-exotic places (as well as friends who live just down the road).

When we emigrated from South Africa to Australia in 1987, the idea of a videophone was a dream of mine and one I prayed we would be able to use with my family before the end of the century.  Sadly my parents never had more than dial-up internet and so couldn’t video chat with us.  But I am thankful that facebook especially has allowed families to re-connect.  I love seeing photos of my nieces and nephews, chatting with my aunt and cousins whom I haven’t seen irl for far too many years and sharing the lives of those we left behind when we moved to Australia.

Jude 2

Pray for You morphs into SpeedDate

August 29, 2009

I love facebook.  I love keeping up with my far-spread family (and interacting with my daughter on fb in another dimension).  I love the photo’s, the updates… and I spend too much time blitzing jewels.  I try to stay away from most applications for a number of reasons (privacy being one).

I have added some applications (like Growing Gifts, Free Gifts, Send Coffee, Pray for You) that allow me to encourage my friends.  But it’s a worry when you get an email like this from the developer of an application:

We have decided to focus on something more exciting. Pray for You’s name and functionality will be changed next week to SpeedDate, a fun way to meet new people. Data entered into the original app won’t be used anymore. Feel free to check it out. Click here to use Pray for You. You can opt-out of this app here.

Pray for You

HUH?  You can guess that I opted out…  Imagine the marital disharmony this could create for some.  “Sweetie, why do you have SpeedDate in your facebook?”