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May 28, 2009

Nov 08 037

I have been procrastinating (my favourite thing to do) about posting. I won a year’s free hosting at Theobloggers but I haven’t got my act together about getting a domain name set up and transferring my photos across.

But I liked the questions Joolz (whose blog I found at Kris’) and had to respond!

Joolz is having a giveaway to celebrate her 150th post. Go and have a look!

# 1 What’s for dinner tonight?
I’m making osso buco and saffron risotto for C.   MissN has to try it (she has never had it before.) I’m not sure what I am making for me. I don’t eat meat.  I had coffee with my church ladies on Tuesday in Cammeray and Rebecca recommended the butcher there, so I got some veal to treat C.  He LOVES osso buco (despite once getting a shard of bone stuck in his throat and needing medical treatment to remove it.  Luckily there was a medical centre right acroos the right from the cafe where we were lunching!)

# 2 What’s your favourite cute animal picture?
See above. Miss Dolce loves water. She will only drink from a running tap and loves lying in the bath. She just fits in the basin. She is a small cat – her legs are pretty short but she weighs 5.3kg!

# 3 Who does the dishes in your house?
I do. But C stacks (or restacks!) the dishwasher. He has superior spatial skills.

# 4 One a personal note, regarding toilet paper – Are you a Scruncher or a Folder… or a Fruncher/Scrolder, he he!
Does anyone need to know the answer to this?

# 5 What jar (brand) of (tomato based) Spaghetti sauce do you use for Spagetti Bol?
I don’t use jars of sauce when I cook. I have only made spag bol once (for C and MissN) in the years since I stopped eating meat (1985..) and I made it the old fashioned way.

# 6 Do your children make their own beds and put out their clothes or do … you?
MissN makes hers when I remind her to. She puts her own clothes away (needs some reminding at times but she is improving). Not sure what you mean by putting clothes out. Out for laundering? She does put hers in the laundry box outside her door.

# 7 Can I have your favourite recipe for a dessert you love?
Coffee and chocolate self-saucing pudding was my first ever blog post!  I make it often.

# 8 My ironing board is permanently set up – do you labour over baskets of ironing or do you fold, put away then iron as you need…. like me?
I tend to iron for an hour or two at a time, with my music blaring, praise and worship usually.

# 9 Do you wear makeup each day or go Phhhffft! Stuff it! How often do you go to the hairdresser?
I wear make up each day. I feel naked without mascara at least(very blonde lashes), and look better with some mineral make up smoothing out my age induced blotches freckles. I usually get my hair cut every 7-8 weeks. I wear it short and grows out of style if I leave it for any longer (needs a cut now!)

# 10 What is your ultimate personal indulgence eg. relaxation/treat
A day in bed with a book and my family bringing me tea/coffee/meals/chocolate on demand.

More giveaways… and the best gift of all

August 7, 2008

This is addictive.  Farmyard Crafts has a giveaway (she has some yummy looking food too!)

Fancy some Dear Jane quilt blocks?   Stitchin’ Friends is the place to go…

and a song (for free, of course)

Set me Free by Casting Crowns (I LOVE casting Crowns)

and of course the best gift of all is free, and available to everyone

Giveaways: a winter “quilting” parcel, a bag and “The Shack”

July 29, 2008

Giveaways abound. I seem to be entering at least one a day. 3 today – one for a copy of “The Shack” (I SO nearly bought that on the Koorong sale) at Trey Morgan’s blog  and another for a parcel of winter surprises at Lindi’s blog. But I am hoping that I will be lucky and win this gorgeous bag.

Giveaways. Is this how one increases your blogging stats? (As well as top ten lists – I know they work for Trey!) I will have to ponder just what I can give away… (apart from Dolce, the cat – any offers?)

Meanwhile I offer you a song:

This is Our God from the latest Hillsong album, destined, I think, to be a classic like Shout to the Lord and Saviour King.

Quilting Giveaway and eye surgery

July 22, 2008

I’m an almost-quilter.  I have begun a number of quilts (almost finished a couple) and I need nagging encouraging to finish some.  Meanwhile I drool at the wonderful quilting and fabric arts blogs in cyberworld (food from afar indeed), and accumulate more fabric!

I am sharing this giveaway (thanks to Jane for this!)  And having “outed” myself as a quilter, I am hoping I will be urged into finishing some of my UFOs (which might need explaning to non-crafting people – UnFinished Objects) and posting evidence that I sew, as well as cook.  (Those who knew me as a teenage academic nerd and young “career” woman might be amazed by my middle-aged “domesticity”!)

C  had surgery on Saturday for a detached retina, a complication following cataract surgery which he had in June.  He is at home, and has to keep his face down (either by lying face down or sitting hunched with his face parallel to the floor) till next Monday – 10 days in total.  So far, so good.   He is coping – and healing and has sight in his eye! Praying the retina stays attached!   He has been blessed by his iPod (bought when he heard he had surgery the next day) and as he has been connected to earphones, I have been using MY mp3 player more.  This is a song that blessed me today (Fernando Ortega is one of my favourites) and is aptly titled.  Hope it blesses you too!

Love Wendy