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Jenolan Caves, LOTR and raw fish

April 26, 2008

Two LOTR devotees (C has read LOTR 19 times, N is on her 3rd reading) and I had a wonderful visit to the caves of Moria Jenolan Caves yesterday.  We left too late to get to do the cave visit of our choice (it was fully booked) but we really did appreciate the one we did instead.  Miss N had made herself a Gollum t-shirt (by printing this Gollum image onto photo transfer paper and ironing it onto a t shirt) and she wore it and looked uber-cool.

I enjoyed my family’s LOTR commentary all the way there (over 3 hours – lots of traffic through Rivendell the Blue Mountains) and during lunch in Blackheath, when both C and I had fish cos that’s what Gollum eats (not really, I just fancied the sound of the fishcakes but sadly they didn’t resemble Thai ones at all!  I guess we are spoiled by the quality of the food here in Sydney.)

I love the mountains.  I love the bush.  We don’t get there often enough and it’s just 30 minutes on the freeway till we cross the Nepean River at Penrith, leave the greater Sydney region and begin to ascend the Blue Mountains’ “heights”.  For the record, my bird list yesterday (and I didn’t even get to use my bino’s) includes a wedge tailed eagle, yellow tailed black cockatoos, king parrots, a brown falcon, nankeen kestrel, yellow thornbills, satin bowerbird and a lyrebird!  Lots of insectivorous bats too (no, they aren’t birds lol).  And a dead wombat at the side of the road. 😦

Even though Lucas Cave was a subsitute choice, it was amazing.  We coped with the people who talked through all the commentary (I guess they thought as they didn’t speak English they could talk loudly in their own languages), the little boy who peed in a plastic bag to avoid polluting the cave (we kept our distance from his mother and the bag for the rest of the tour!), and the selfish parents who brought babies (yes, there were 2) on a 90 minute cave tour.  The poor babes cried all the way.

A bridge in the cave gave C and N an opportunity to re-enact the LOTR scene from the bridge of Khazad-dum in Moria. C was the Balrog and Miss N was Gandalf (without her Gandalf cloak).

I am awestruck about the age of the caves.  I cannot reconcile a young earth with caves dated this old, and can’t understand why God would create an earth with caves that date this old if they were created recently.  God created the heavens and the earth.  In heaven I hope to learn how.  Here on earth I am content to enjoy His creation and praise Him for placing us on a tiny planet in the midst of an infinite universe.  Song coming…. 

And let me share with you a recipe for “raw” fish (cos that’s what Gollum eats) that C and I used to make often. It’s from the Vogue Australia Wine and Food Cookbook – Home Truths what foodies cook for themselves published in 1988.  The lime juice “cooks” the fish and it tastes wonderful – fresh and clean.

Ceviche (serves 8 people)

16 small whiting fillets

juice of 6-8 limes

1 cup very finely sliced baby white onions

2-3 fresh red chillies, chopped

salt and white pepper

1 bunch fresh coriander (cilantro)

lime slices for serving

Remove the skin from the whiting fillets and cut the flesh into 4 to 6 pieces.  Place in one layer in a glass or ceramic dish.  Pour the lime juice over the fish and scatter the onion and chillies on top of the fish.  Place in the refrigerator and after 2 hours, season with salt and pepper.  Leave for another 2 hours or overnight.  The fish will be white and have a cooked appearance.