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Why I use organic beauty products

March 13, 2009

Ladies, do you know how many toxic ingredients you are swallowing in lipstick each year?  Guys, how about the shaving cream and shower wash you use? Do you know you absorb the chemicals in them through your skin?

This article gives some of the reasons I try to only use organic body and beauty products and cosmetics.

For the same reasons I avoid processed food as much as possible. I try to buy food in as close a condition to how God made it.

We are inundated with pollutants and toxins from our environment. So I control what I can, and try to counteract the negative effects of a toxic environment with healthy immune-boosting food. We (well, it’s C project) have just started growing our own vegetables in our (minute) backyard. We enjoyed our first tomatoes last night, and have bene enjoying various lettuces for a few weeks now.

Can I go on record and prophesy that I bet that researchers find a link between the obesity epidemic in the developed worldand food additives (if it hasn’t already)?

Update: Cancer causing chemicals in kids bath products and baby shampoo.