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Snorkelling at Shelly beach

August 5, 2011

I bought myself one of those ‘deals’ vouchers for a snorkelling lesson/guided snorkel early in the year. I LOVE snorkelling but just don’t make the effort to go unless we are on vacation, so thought this was a good way to get a snorkel in. (I can highly recommend Pro Dive Manly! ) After lots of procrastination (and some health issues), I finally booked myself in at the beginning of April before the weather got too cold. Sydney water stays warm till July at least but it’s nicer getting out into balmy air than chilly winds.  And I did choose the last warm day for several months!

It was amazing! I loved it. It was just me and the guide in the “group” and we snorkelled for an hour in the marine reserve at Shelley Beach (right in Sydney – at Manly.  How blessed are we Sydney-siders!).  Shelly Beach is apparently unique amongst east coast beaches in actually facing west.  Which makes it sheltered, calm and less windy and you can watch the sun set across the water.

The abundance of fish and sea life blew me away.  I didn’t see any leafy sea dragons (have to go further out to see them.. maybe another trip?)  But apparently one of the bronze whaler sharks that have become common in the bay since the marine reserve was established came within a metre of my face but I missed it.  I was looking the other way!  Which is probably good as I was a tad nervous about the resident sharks even though there haven’t been any incidents and there were SO many people in the water that I would not have been a logical target, even if one of them decided to turn mean.

I learned quite a few snorkelling tips and techniques as well as having one of those deeply pleasurable experiences that is almost spiritual in its intensity.  Who would have thought Sydney is home to such incredible sea life!

The sun was setting over Manly as I lingered on the beach, not wanting to do the hour’s drive back home in rush hour traffic.

Sunset from Shelly beach

Here is Shelly beach in the late afternoon (my lesson was at 4pm).

See the waves beyond the rocks?  That’s where you have the best chance of seeing the leafy sea dragons.  We snorkelled to the left of this photo, following the coast towards Manly staying close to the shore.

And the view looking north towards the Northern beaches:

towards the Northern beaches

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Jude 2

Skywatch Friday – sunset @ Freycinet on Christmas day

January 15, 2011

A new year, and a resolution to blog more frequently!

And what better way to begin 20011 than with a Skywatch Friday photo or 2… or 4…

Sunset @ Freycinet, Christmas day 2010

Sunset @ Freycinet, Christmas day 2010

We spent two weeks in Tasmania in December – our first visit.  It was special for many reasons, not least of those is that we nearly cancelled the trip 2 days prior because of some health issues I am dealing with.  But – we went, it was wonderful and we hope to visit again soon.

As well as Hobart, Cradle Mountain and Barnbougle golf course, we had 4 nights at Freycinet Lodge in Freycinet National Park.  On Christmas Day we drove up the coast (in the hopes of getting mobile phone reception so that we could call MissN who was in China on exchange) to picnic at Binalong Bay at the southern end of the Bay of Fires.

Binalong Bay

Binalong Bay

Our lunch was a picnic comprised of fruit and pastries from breakfast, cheese and a bottle of pinot noir we had bought at Freycinet Vineyard a couple of days before, and chocolate from the Christmas stocking (we didn’t exchange gifts this year).  We watched some locals dive for crayfish and abalone and later drove as far north as the Gardens.  (This area has been affected by flash flooding – the same weather system that has devastated SE Queensland, northern NSW and western Victoria – this week).   We did manage to get to speak to MissN on our way home (there is reception at Bicheno).  She was waiting (in the cold – it was about -2C there) to get a table at Pizza Hut in Tianjin with her exchange buddies.  A very different Christmas for her too!

Dinner was at the Lodge – a rather uninspired buffet.  But we had the view.. and the sunset.

Here are a couple more.

Sunset Coles Bay, Freycinet

Sunset Coles Bay, Freycinet

Coles Bay

Coles Bay

A blessed day.

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Skywatch Friday – Sunset from Cabarita

September 4, 2009

Sunset from Cabarita, lunch in Balmain and a good day with Liz.

skywatch Friday

It’s been a while since I Skywatched.  These  photos were taken in when my friend Liz was up from Melbourne in June and spent a day with me.  We had a wonderful lunch in Balmain and tea back at my place and I dropped her at the ferry wharf at Cabarita in the late afternoon to get the ferry to the city.  The sun was rapidly dropping behind the industrial buildings in Breakfast Point (where we live) across Kendall Bay.

MayJune09 080

I love the liquid gold reflections.

MayJune09 084

and here is Liz at the deli counter in the cafe at lunchtime, where we picked out our salads (which I resisted posting photos of!):



Where we ate on Darling Street (the cafe picked because I got a car park right opposite):

MayJune09 072

Very punny name:

MayJune09 073

Great coffee and sunny seats: MayJune09 067

and atmosphere and chat in the sun, and window shopping in Rozelle.  Pyrmont and the city from Rozelle:

MayJune09 077

Here is the ferry:

MayJune09 078

and there she goes…

MayJune09 083

Thanks for a great day, Liz! Miss you!

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Skywatch Friday 18 – sunset at Breakfast Point

November 15, 2008

skywatch-friday I haven’t posted to Skywatch Friday in a while but last Sunday night’s sunset inspired me to rush outside with my camera. nov-08-014


These two were taken in the road outside our house. I went up to the oval (one street away) and took some more. The sky seemed to be boiling – a fiery cauldron that spilled magma.



And then it calmed and the fiery turbulence was replaced by an inky blue…

I could draw an analogy to my life and especially this last year (thinking of Malachi 3:3 here), but it would be just too obvious, so I will resist and let the sunset speak for itself.

My friend Steve lost his dad yesterday. This is from a tribute he wrote :

“Goodbye, dad. I love you and hope to meet you on the other side when my time comes. I saw a brilliant red sunset on the way home from work. It reminded me life will go on without you, and some day, without me. Eternity just ahead. Rejoice!  -scg”

Skywatch Friday – sunset Cathedral Peak range

August 15, 2008

Thanks again to Melinda for “introducing” me to Skywatch Friday. You can see more Skywatch photos here.

This photo was taken about 4 years ago when I made a 3 week trip to South Africa with MissN to spend time with my father who was dying of cancer.  The three of us spent a few days at Cathedral Peak Hotel in the Drakensberg.  Cathedral Peak had been one of our favourite places when we lived in South Africa, and the scene of our ascent of Cleft Peak (3281m and I will never forget that altitude!) on a 4 day hike/bushwalk in 1986 before we emigrated to Australia.

So I took my father (who had been to Cathedral Peak Hotel with my mother at our suggestion) there for a few days and we had a rewarding time.  The sunsets were especially spectacular and “biblical” in the sense that they evoked memory images of Bible story picture books from my youth, and this photograph captured that atmosphere – that sense of the transcendent communion between heaven and earth by means of a pure light which breaks through the clouds.

This is the sun setting behind the Inner and Outer Horns in the Cathedral Range, which comprises mainly the 4 free standing peaks adjacent to the main escarpment – Inner and Outer Horns, and the Bell and Cathedral Peak which are over to the right out of this photo.

Inner and Outer Horn

Inner and Outer Horn

“1 will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.”
Psalm 121 (I don’t often prefer the KJV!)

And this is my dad and MissN in the hotel pool just hours before the above photograph was taken.

It was a healing time.  Not an easy time for any of us, but I am very pleased we shared it.