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Menu for Hope – Lesotho, kelerata

December 16, 2008

Tis the season for giving! It is more blessed to give than to receive.


Go and check out this online raffle from one of my favourite food bloggers, Clotilde, who writes:

“The funds raised will benefit the United Nations’ World Food Programme and more specifically, their school feeding program in Lesotho, which provides breakfast and lunch to primary school children; we have chosen to support the same program as we did last year, for which — hang on to your bonnet — $91,188 were raised.”

Lesotho is dear to my heart. We grew up with a Mosotho lady, Sophie Sithole, who worked in our home, cleaning, cooking and caring for us. (This was common in South Africa in the sixties and seventies). I studied Sesotho at university. We sponsor a little boy in Lesotho, Refiloe, through World Vision. (This was MissN’s request for her Christmas present 5 years ago).  We would love to visit him on our next visit to South Africa.

sotho-hutsWe spent a few holidays at Cathedral Peak Hotel (on the border with lesotho) when we lived in South Africa and in 1986 we hiked up into Lesotho to climb Cleft Peak (3281m – I will never forget that altitude!)  And we took my dad there 4 years ago when MissN and I visited South Africa. Friends from my previous church are from Lesotho. It’s a beautiful and a proud country with a fascinating history, but a very poor one.

So.. I challenge you to forfeit 3 Starbucks coffees and participate in this program.  I am going to! Anyone else?

Lesotho, kelerata!