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Skywatch Friday – Grand Canal, Venice

August 22, 2008

More Skywatch here.

And it’s the Grand Canal in Venice.  We debated about spending 100 Euros on a gondola cruise (we refused the previous time we were in Venice) but we did it and it was WONDERFUL.  Our hotel was situated just near the main gondola basin behind San Marco, and we could look out of the window and watch the activity below.  How could we NOT have a gondola ride?

I love how the buildings play a secondary role to the water and sky, even if they are grand palazzi.  It emphasises to me how transient and ephemeral La Serenissima in all her faded and sinking glory actually is.

Grand Canal - Venice

Grand Canal - Venice

2 Cor 3:11

For if what is passing away was glorious, what remains is much more glorious.

Ruby Tuesday #2 – Venezia

August 12, 2008

Today is Ruby Tuesday, which is hosted here and involves posting a photo of your own which features red.

Red is not a colour one normally associates with Venice…

laundry Venetian style

laundry Venetian style

This photo, taken somewhere in Cannaregio, evokes the wonderful few days we had in Venice on our last trip to Europe in 2006. We stayed in the most wonderful hotel, Locanda Orseolo, with the nicest people. We ate marvellously (not easy in Venice but we had the best recommendations from the Orseolo family – they would ask us what kind of dinner we would like, recommend a place, then call and book it for us, draw us a map…), saw some wonderful art (Titian’s Assumption in the Frari is one of my favourite works of art. I hope to see it again someday, along with the Bellini’s.  It was as good as I had remembered it from 1993.) We visited too many churches (according to MissN), but mainly just strolled the calle off the main tourist routes, had cafe in the campi, took photographs and enjoyed what someone we met on our first visit to Venice called “Disneyland for adults”.

I can’t finish a post about Venice without mentioning the books of Donna Leon.  (Thanks to my sister for recommending them to me).  I have read all but 2 of them.  Leon writes crime/mystery novels set in Venice, but that reduces to them to a genre where they don’t quite fit.  Her “hero” is Commissario Guido Brunetti who reads philosophy and ancient history for relaxation, can be described as “complex, moral, gracious, and fiercely loyal” and comes home to the smell of squid ink risotto or some other Venetian dish cooked by his university professor wife and worries about his children.  Guido and Paola have some interesting spiritual discussions.   This is a good introduction to the Brunetti novels. One can even do Brunetti tours of Venice!  I read each Brunetti novel with a map of Venice handy.